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We offers a global standard for interoperable products enabling smart premises that can control appliances, lighting,environment,energy management and security, as well as the expand ability to connect with handheld devices.

Monitor Online

Monitor Your Assests & places from any where any time.

Risk Free

Risk Free from Manual operations & Maintenance.

Energy Saving

Saves a lot of electricity,fuel & time energy with our Automation..

High Security

Providing High Security at low price with Multi level.

Our Core Skills

100% Designing the Project ( Design & Site Survey)

90% Technical Team Strenght (6-10 Members)

85% Service Responce Time ( 6- 10 hrs)

Solution Beyond Automation

We offer solutions in Lighting Control, Termostat Control , Entertainment console, Motion sensors, Glass break sensors,Gas leakagae sensors, Health monitors, Video Surveillance,Bio metric Authentication, Home/office Complete automation, Projectors,Home Theaters ,Accoustics, Customised Home Theaters, Professional Networking & many moreā€¦

Our Recent projects

With 10+ years of Industry Expertise, we have done 550+ projects including small & big scale throughout the Pan India

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