We would like to invite Business Associates from different backgrounds who require Security & Automation products in their projects along with their core area of expertise.

Benefits of becoming a Associate

Partner VS Associate

  • No need to Invest money,Time & Team
  • Execution & Service will be taken by us for our part
  • Extra Income without any Risk
  • Can take up projects on Associate Billing name

More & More Business

  • Mutual benefit with project sharing
  • we will share our lead for business where client require associated partner products
  • we will be Promoting the Associate to minimize the competition
  • Saves lot of time one repeated visits and follow ups,so same time can spend on other business to generate more money

Network of Associates

  • with Huge network of associates can get more products & solutions withing the group
  • Multiple locations Support for Pre-sales & Post Sales for Core Business Areas
  • Branding support in Multiple Locations
  • Win-Win Solutions within the Network


Easy Money Generation

  • Can work on project basis or fixed payment Policy
  • No Need to Spend money on marketing, Money Saving is Money Generation
  • Money Transactions will be on transparent and will be cleared within the time limits.
  • Minimize  the Accessories/material Purchase cost with in the network & Save more Money


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