We design & develop innovative product solutions based on complex set of technologies. This has given us experience to work on wide range of platform like Web, Mobile, Desktop & Embedded. We with ability to understand your requirements and then Design both Hardware & Software on wide range of platforms for Identification, Automation & Tracking applications.
  • Web & Cloud – We develop complex cloud based data collection and analysis software for Biometrics, RFID, GPS Tracking & Remote Monitoring applications
  • Mobile – We design Mobile dashboards and Apps for Identification, Automation & Tracking applications on Android & iOS platforms.
  • Desktop – We have expertise in developing Drivers & Data collection applications for Windows & Linux Desktops/laptops.
  • Embedded – We design & develop embedded products for Identification, Automation & Tracking applications.

We had partnered with major OEM’s i.e., ZK Teco & Nitgen Biometrics