Director- B. Gopal
Producer- Chanti Addala
Written by B. Gopal,Paruchuri Brothers
Starring- Prabhas,Arti Agarwal
Music- Mani Sharma
Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Release date- May 21, 2004

‘Adavi Ramudu’ is a routine love story and has nothing in common to Late NTR’s superhit Adavi Ramudu. B. Gopal, whose is known for his mass-oriented films like the block blockbuster ‘Indra’ with Chiranjeevi in the lead, this time he failed to provide a gripping screenplay for the story, Most of the movie ran at a slow pace, testing the patience of the audience. For instance scenes in the forest between the lead pair and long fighting scenes.


Ramudu (Prabhas) is an orphan, who was brought up by Peddayya (Nazar), a tribal leader of Buttayagudem village. Peddayya has a great respect towards MP Jagadeeswara Rao (Ranganath), who had provided power, housing and bus facility to the tribals. Jagadeeswara Rao’s daughter is Madhulata (Arthi Agarwal). Ramudu and madhulata end up in same college. Madhulata falls in love with Ramudu. Madhulatha invites Ramudu to her B’day party, but her mother (Sakuntala) insults Ramudu, Ramudu vacates his hostel to return to his village. Meanwhile Madhulata’s parents decide to take her to kadapa so that she cannot meet Ramudu. Incidentally Ramudu and madhulata meet in a Dhaba, there they decide to elope and go to Buttayagudem. Jagadeeswara Rao and his wife reach the tribal village and demand Peddayya to return their daughter. Respecting Peddayya’s word, Ramudu leaves Madhu. Despite that, Jaganmohana Rao sends a goon to eliminate Ramudu.As the MP and his men did not honour their word, Peddayya tells Ramudu to get Madhu back. Ramudu dares the factionalists and takes Madhu with him. After slogging for some time in forests, they reach Buttayagudem, where he finds Jaganmohana Rao torturing Peddayya. Finally during the climax, Ramudu tries to kill Jaganmohana Rao, but Peddayya prevents him. Jaganmohana Rao realizes his folly and accepts Ramudu as his son-in-law.