Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation

A lighting control system enables one-touch control of all lights throughout the house using mood- based scenes which can be related resulting in convenience and elegance.

With the touch of a button, you can turn lights on or off, dim lights, control fans and more from anywhere in the home

We design and install wired and wireless lighting control systems personalized to the needs of each family. Lighting control systems can be programmed easily based on time of day, motion, security, mood, and many other factors. Lighting control systems do not take away from your ability to control individual lights the way you have always done.

Our lighting automation systems will enhance your room ambience and set lights based on occasion and personal mood. When coupled with our occupancy sensors they save energy by turning OFF lights when the space is unoccupied and also add a security barrier by turning on lights when an intruder enters a secured area.

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