Audio-Video System


Our in-house acoustic analysis service can transform your home’s acoustics and your sound experience!

We can maximize sound quality by reducing reflections and add more energy to a room with Artnovion panels. The acoustic quality of a space is dependent on various factors: It can be related to the homogeneousity and non-homogeneousity of the sound field, and the quantity of energy in the room. Our panels are used to influence these factors to create a perfect sound environment without compromising design.


Design Services: We assess your home and tailor a solution of the highest standards to meet your requirements and to make sure you have a one of a kind space.Product Selection: We only use products of extremely high repute, rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Installation Services: We are a complete AV installation solution center. We pre-wire new construction and retrofit existing structures for acoustics, TV/video, and audio equipment.

Support Services: We can troubleshoot and resolve issues with any system with the least inconvenience caused to you.


Design Services: We prepare design proposals and work to come up with an overall solution that fulfills your Hi-Fi fantasy.

Product Selection: In our showroom, you can experience products that form your vision. amps, speakers, turntables, music servers, cables, etc. are just some of the selection criteria we provide.

Installation Services: We are a complete AV installation solution center.

Support Services: Our support staff can fix issues that may come up occasionally with your systems.


Design services : We assess spaces and provide professional solutions to those looking to be a cut-above the rest.

Product Selection: Our marriage of Lambda labs (Austria) and Artnovion acoustics (Portugal) blend together to form the highest quality of sound possible! We also use other premium brands such as D&B Audiotechnik & Martin Audio to integrate into our solutions.

Installation Services: We can provide new-age contemporary solutions for your club, restaurant, cinema, office, auditorium or any other space you might require.

Support: 24X7 support from our dedicated team to make sure your enterprise runs smoothly all year round.

Wireless / Multi-Room

Play music in every corner of your home in perfect sync. We can install versatile speaker systems that can be installed in every location of your home or commercial spaces and access everything via your iOS or android device. Our speakers minimises jitter and upsamples incoming data to ensure optimum sound quality.

Play Different Music in Different Rooms, Operate Via Smart phone and enjoy with uninterrupted Music