Home Automation

A A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security, such as access control and alarm systems. When connected to the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things.

Lighting Automation
  • Smart Phone -Voice based Lighting Control
  • Automatic control of lighting system with Sensors
  • Dimming of the lights depending on the natural light level With
  • One touch Scene Creation for Lighting
  • Scheduling the Lights On/Off
  • No More Multiple Remotes Required for different Equipments
  • Control TV, Setup box, Media box & Audio equipment with Smart phone
  • Select the Channel with Icons based Interface
  • Start the Movie/Media with One touch Interface
Multi Room audio/Video
  • Play Different Songs/Video in Different Rooms
  • Play Common Media in all rooms
  • Play media Content from Centralized storage devices like NAS or Cloud
  • Wired / Wireless Solutions Available
Air Conditioning
  • Switch On/Off from Smart phone/Voice.
  • Control Temperature / Fan/ Swing.
  • No Remotes Required.
  • Switch On/off from outside the Home
  • One touch Operation to Create a Scene
Blinds/Curtain Control
  • Open / Close Curtains from Smart Phone.
  • Schedule Open & Close for Every Day Routine operations at same time.
  • Make a Living Room into a Home Theater with One touch Motorized Curtains & Screen
Door/Window Sensors
  • Real Time alerts to Smart phone when door/Window Tampered
  • Helps to Create a Scene with Sequences of Actions with Notifications.
  • Activate & Deactivate through Smart Phone.
Electrical Appliances Automation
  • FAN, Geyser, Oven, Pump, Motor On/Off with Mobile & Voice
  • Real time Monitoring in Smart Phone
  • Schedule the On/Off for Routine Works
LPG/Smoke Detectors
  • Gives Alerts for LPG /Smoke Detection
  • Gives Notification in Smart Phone even if your outside the house
  • Safe & Secure living
CCTV Surviellance
  • Live Video Monitoring with CCTV
  • Real time Alerts
  • Wired & Wireless Solutions Available
  • FHD Video Footages
GPS Tracking
  • Live Location Tracking for Kids / Assets
  • Geo Fencing Options
  • Real time Notifications to Mobile
Gate Controller
  • Automatically Open Sliding/Swing /Shutter gates when Authorized Vehicles comes
  • Switch, Remote & Smart phone Interface Available
Video Door Phones
  • Video Door Bell with Mobile Notification
  • Two Way Audio Communication & one Way Video
  • 200 Log book storage with images for Visitor
Touch Switch Boards
  • Feather Touch Switch Board Experience
  • Wide range of Varieties Available
  • Compatible with Home Automation controllers & Stand Alone Boards
  • Optional Remotes also will be provided
Motion Sensors
  • PIR Motion/ Micro Wave Motion Sensors Available
  • Detects with Natural Light Available
  • Wadrobe Sensors Are also Avaialble
Digital Door Locks
  • Fingerprint, Face, Pin, Card, Password * Mechanical Key Authentications
  • Compatible to open with Smart Phones
  • Rim Locks & Dead Bolt/Strike bolt Locks
  • Integrated with Video Door Phones