Wake up to a spiritual ambience

Set the tone for the day with a feeling of serenity as curtains open automatically bathing you in sunlight and spiritual music awakens your senses

Feel secure and stay connected

No matter where you are, rest assured that your home and property are secure. Monitor activities with real-time notifications

Communicate with visitors even when you are not home

View and talk to visitors to your home from work or when travelling and unlock the door to allow known visitors in

Track your health and enjoy vitality

Keep digital records of your health parameters, diet, activity and medication, and experience better quality of life. Share the information with your doctor as needed

Monitor health of the elderly

Track vital health parameters and medication needs of your parents or elderly relatives, and ensure their well being

Monitor the safety of the elderly

Ensure that your parents or elderly relatives living in another city or country are safe

Return home to enchanting evenings

Unwind to a great entertainment experience at the touch of a button

Connect with people in your community

promotes tightly knit communities in which people experience a sense of security, neighborliness and belonging