Project Design

At Elite Automation Solutions, we’re on a mission to change the way you think about any projects based on surveillance, Led Lighting , Home automation,access Control or Networking Solutions. We have a dedicated team of experts, to help you make that & We provide the following expert solutions to help you with this transition.

Lighting Design

Lighting design is the art of illuminating space with the desired level of lighting.

Trying to achieve lighting that suits your needs can be a tedious process.

Whether it is for aesthetics or functionality, there are a number of factors that need to be considered such as spaces, wall colour, number of lights, light colour, Intensity levels etc.

Our experts will provide lighting designs that complement your interiors to create a richer environment.

Surveillance Design

Surveillance design is the art of covering maximum area with desired quantity of equipment, calculating the storage Capacity, bit rate speed to establish most secure around the area.

Lot of factors includes obstacles,IR range, Key areas , Application management, & Live video feed issues.

Our experts will provide Surveillance designs that complement your Indoor/Outdoor to create a Secure Life.

Home Automation Design

Home Automation design is a art of creating ambiance, luxury along security & savings for the home/office. a perfect Home Automation design gives your exact view about project before execution and helps to reduce the costing and installation time.

Our experts will provide Automation designs that complement your interiors to create a richer & Secure environment.

Access Control Design

Networking Design & Consulting is a key factor for every project to minimize the cabling, bill of quantities, perfect execution and helps to run a project management very easily.

Networking design includes a pilot execution also for prefect solution.

Our experts will provide networking designs that complement your Project for end to end solutions.