Table Orders

Customers scan QR code from their phones and order right from their tables, hassle-free

Payment Gateway Integration

A variety of payment gateway options can be integrated into the order cart

Kitchen Alerts & Kitchen Orders

Kitchen staff can get real-time order alerts and chefs can view orders on screen, and prioritize and organize orders

Digital Signage & Advertise Specials

Display your restaurant’s most appealing and fast-moving items on a TV display to entice customers

Reach out to loyal customers in real-time and advertise specials, thereby increasing occupancy


Make wise decisions by evaluating which items sold the most and when, thereby maximizing profitability

Inventory Management

Inventory Management System enables tracking stock of raw materials and finished items. As items are made, the system will reduce the corresponding quantities of raw materials

Daily reports can be generated, which will indicate which items need to be ordered and also help track wastage and pilferage

Billing and Printing

Milan Delizia seamlessly integrates customer orders with billing. In addition to electronic bills, if printed bills are needed, they can be customized and printed using a variety of compatible printers


We can provide your restaurant’s own online food ordering and delivery processing solution. Accept or deny orders, and set estimated time and charges for each delivery location

Growing your Business

Reach out to your customers and offer them personalized service thereby enhancing loyalty and increasing revenues

Optimize resources in both labor and materials utilization

Increasing revenues and improving efficiency leads to enhanced profitabili