Smart Offices
Security and Surveillance

Enabling highly customized and integrated security solutions

Individually configurable smart entry sensors and motion detectors to secure spaces and send notifications to security personnel

Integrated smart surveillance systems to enable remote monitoring and trigger security notifications in conjunction with sensors and access control systems

Access Control

Advanced access control systems, including connected door locks to enable convenient and secure access from smart phones, which can send notifications to relevant people

Conference Room Booking

Enabling integrated conference room experiences including booking and device management

Authorized people can invite participants and book conference/meeting rooms right from the App

One-touch scenes on the App will enable lights, curtains and AV equipment adjust to the right settings suitable for discussions or presentations in conference rooms


Enabling inspiring workplace ambience

Lighting control can save energy costs while positively impacting mood and productivity. Lighting scenes can enable great convenience in meeting rooms to set the right ambience for discussions or presentations

Energy Management

Enabling cost savings from lighting and air conditioning

Automatic control of local as well as centralized air conditioning systems (including on/off and temperature) will result in significant energy savings while optimizing comfort

HR Management

Employees can manage HR functions including time in/out, apply for leave and file reimbursement claims from the App with notifications sent to managers in real time

Food Services

Order food and pay - Employees can browse menu, order food and beverages from cafeteria right from the App, then take-away or dine in