Surveillance & Security Automation

In today’s world it is impossible to keep a watchful eye on everything happening around us all the time, unsuspecting dangers lurk, threats take us by surprise and sudden crisis erupts, life gets imperilled. That’s why we brings you dependable, unblinking surveillance systems that works intelligently 24x7.

Surveillance Camera

We offer state of the art security cameras which makes the surveillance easy and remotely accessible. All surveillance footages can be monitored from your mobile phone and retrieved easily from the cloud storage.

We deliver 180-degree pan-tilt cameras, video door phones and outdoor cameras, all night vision enabled.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors trigger the alarm upon sensing any motion in the house when the system is armed. Window and door sensors will trigger the alarm when there is a break-in.

Whenever you are away from your premises you can simply arm all your motion sensors and get notified instantly when alien movements are sensed. You can also couple them with loud sirens and startle the intruder.

Door Sensors

Door contact sensors tell a security system if doors/windows are closed or open. When integrated to our system they send real-time notification through your mobile app whenever the doors are opened and closed.

Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Lock gives you keyless convenience to unlock your doors. Conventional door locks are binary, they simply lock/unlock nothing more. Whereas digital door locks can add biometric, card and key access.

You can easily add family members and new guest members to your home security system, avoiding the hide-a-key routine.